Renee Benzaim, Writer

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At Last - SOUTHERN SECRETS is Ready!

I'm happy to announce that SOUTHERN SECRETS, Det. Annie Avants Series #3, is now available as an eBook at all outlets - SmashWords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and all Amazon outlets.

In the next week or two, it will also be available in paperback from CreateSpace.

Here's a synopsis:


Det. Annie Avants' cousin lives in Mena, Arkansas, and has discovered three journals written by one of his ancestors between 1919 and 1921 explaining how he accidently became involved with the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. The journals give the locations of some of the biggest caches of 'rebel gold' hidden during the Civil War.

For years, Zachary Avants has tracked down abandoned family homesteads, looking for information on the lives of his long-dead relatives. Deep in the Ouachita Forest, he finds a caved in cellar where a cabin once stood.

When he climbs into the cellar, he notices an indentation in the back wall of the root cellar. Digging carefully, he uncovers a seaked cast-iron skillet.

Inside the skillet, wrapped carefully in oilcloth, Zack finds three journals that had been kept by someone with first-hand knowledge of the KGC during the Civil War - his great grandfather, Orris Avants.

When Zack takes the journals to a cafe in Hatfield to show them to his friend, Luke, their conversation is overheard and passed on to the KGC. The KGC wants the journals at any cost.

The FBI is also interested in the KGC and their secret caches. Special Agent Connor Smith makes it his mission to acquire the journals and recover as much of the stolen loot as possible.

A tragedy in California wakes Zack up to the significance of his find. He finally realizes that he, his family, and his friends are in danger.


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